Alexander Wang Rockie Mini Pebbled Leather Duffel Bag

This is not a long time, The beginning of the most wanted to buy is introduced last Emile Tote, and later to see Rocco Duffle Bag, good Was the cortex presented by the soft sense with the bottom of the bag metal buckle to attract, but made a number of research found that Rocco Duffle is not small, the bottom of the entire plate of metal nail buckle is very heavy, the bag is not equipped with things about 1.2 Kg, Kelly feel even like it, but not Kelly will often take the tote bag replica, very distraught it!

Look at the Transformers 3 actress to mention this Rocco elephant gray, Replica Alexander Wang Handbags Rockie Mini Pebbled Leather Duffel Bag portable tote bag replica presented the natural loose, really beautiful Oh ~ with Kelly have the same feelings? Rockie Bag set elegance and personality in a pack.

Replica Alexander Wang Handbags

Basically Rockie can be said to be a smaller version of the Rocco, cortex, like the design of the bag to change the small, the chassis metal buckle also less, the bag will become lighter! The same can be back to mention ultra-convenient dual-use tote bag replica! . For Kelly’s stature is more suitable to take a smaller version of Rockie it! It can choose the color really a lot, two days before the day sudden day discount day, spring and summer of the lemon yellow Rockie also let Kelly almost shot it ~ because the Replica Alexander Wang bag very few out of this lovely girl color!

Replica Alexander Wang Handbags

The color is probably the following several, of course, every season is always black will not miss the classic color, this coffee is like a blue skull cortex skin, very textured it wild pink powder, autumn and winter to take a certain Super eye-catching! Kelly think pink color tote bag replica is not easy to look good, leather texture is very important, Alexander Wang tote bag replica section of the cortex are fine and detailed, really do not lose those high-level brand-name tote bag replica! . Metal color is also a haunt of autumn and winter each year, the elephant gray is absolutely not miss the color! . This coffee Rockie white super-good-looking, that is, no way Kelly iron to buy a new white bag, always feel that all of a sudden I was ruined by rough hand thick feet, and now there is a destruction of Wang in the next Waiting, white can not buy ah! .

Rockie chassis has five rows of metal buttons, so bags stand up very stable Oh ~ but the disadvantage is still a bit heavy it! Replica  Alexander Wang Handbags in the design of the metal buckle, these metal buckle is also divided into gold, silver, rose gold with black, above the yellow Rockie bag where the zipper with the base is the black metal ride. Try the color is peach and green! . And is bright green!

Replica Alexander Wang Handbags

The Forward new purchase Rockie Soft Pebble Leather with Pale Gold Hardware in Mercury, was the gray blue and gray blue color to attract, and now decided to Kelly’s Rockie is it! . . This color is really good elegant Oh, just Kelly bag is not the color! (Master: buy to buy, the reason is also a lot of …) just look at the site photos feel a great texture! Bought iron will not regret it! . Rockie size is not, but it can be installed Oh! Close to the cylindrical, the side look a bit like a hexagonal, zipper open method with the general design is different from the opening out like a cover down, so the zipper can pull the whole space of the plug, looking for something At a glance!

This Rockie is equipped with a beautiful silver metal, a touch of blue-gray with silver is Ga Ga! Both low-key and elegant ~ back up just the size of this color is really very good clothes! Out of the box to the part of Romania to receive the dust bag is white, the same leather brand in the above, the actual color of the bag than the site photos to come to the dark some, but does not affect Kelly on it Of the favorite, because the texture is really good! Good love this bag touch, leather is very soft good touch, the whole design is a good blend of Oh ~ even at the end of the tote bag replica has a lot of metal, the Replica bags is not the kind of sharpness with sharp feeling. Side design is not the same side, Pull fold, which hidden inside a zipper pocket, you can put a key and the like, so intimate design.

Replica Alexander Wang Handbags

That day go out with the master dating, looking around the West to find the bag is to feel a little less formal a little bag, suddenly thought it better to put the Rockie strap removed, with the hand of it! Sure enough, take a ride Oh ~ Kelly with silver chain coupled with silver metal bag, do not grab each other play Oh! Who said that Rockie can only leisure can not be formal? See 101 with a full-length mirror, immediately to take a look! Because the bag just bought, so the shape has not formed, probably to use more than a few times will have that beautiful hexagonal tube. Good for Rockie Emma Stone, her back is also good to see gold Oh ~ This tote bag replica can see the details With the cortex, casually ride are good-looking!

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