Fendi 3Jours Mini Painted-Edges Tote Bag Black

Classic big handbag is not limited to those in the high-end department store in a popular section of the staff, the classic also can be highly personalized, and because of sophisticated technology and very little “high imitation”; has become a classic, because most of them “Born” for years, but the following these handbags, a different kind of design to bring the quality of young sense. Investment in classic handbags is not a waste, because they are often we can use the old style, extraordinary “origin”, the story of “Fang name”, and this 29 classic handbag also has a personality.

By 2 Jours popular momentum, Replica Fendi Bag launched a series of new members 3 Jours. Fendi 3Jours Mini Painted-Edges Tote Bag Black / Multi The source of the name: French 2 Jours means two days, 3 Jours represents three days. Retaining the technological features of 2 Jours and expanding its wings to provide greater capacity. If 2 Jours is a commuter bag, then 3 Jours is the corresponding “weekend leisure” tote bags . Size is currently only one, the color of cobalt blue, bare powder, is red and other options, materials and more use of leather.

Replica Fendi Handbags

See Fendi 7 kinds of classic style bag, Replica Fendi Handbags recently gave us the deepest impression than a small plush monster, the recent Fendi released a variety of MINI series bags are also sought after by fans. However, Fendi fur series, of course, the most adept. At the same time today we have collected Fendi’s 7 classic style bags, classic continuation so far, perhaps very luxurious, perhaps very orthodox, perhaps very strange, perhaps very simple, and perhaps very fashionable vitality.Every year there will be new bags, Whether it is high-end brand or niche brand, can find a practical and the value of the burst table is really very, very, very difficult. In recent years, young FENDI seems to have changed, Fendi launched by the packs sought after by the actress are aware of this charm is quite large, even the girlhood of Tiffany, fashion ladies Olivia Palermo, Korean singer Pei Xiuzhi, South Korea Actress Ji-Yuan et al are frequently carrying Fendi’s tote bags appeared in front of the camera, so much charm really want to study the reason why.

Replica Fendi Handbags

3Jours in the original design of the suture line to replace the seamless surface effect, the overall tote bags shape is more smooth and gorgeous, a kind of luxurious temperament low-key and personality. Bag color selection are low-key subtle tone of the main details of the internal workmanship with the full medium and large 2Jours the same middle zipper pockets can be used as a mezzanine to place some small carry-on items, located in the top of the dark button can strengthen the additional Security measures, removable shoulder strap, the use of this tote bags to increase the diversity. Lovely and elegant style is particularly suitable for Asian women to wear the best tote bags as usual. Bag famous Dalian Shu Qi, Emma Stone, South Korea popular actress Tiffany, Hideyoshi, Kun Ling and so choose different styles of 2Jours family members, each emitting a different style of fashion.

Replica Fendi Handbags

Fendi Replica handbag, FENDI new By The Way handbag has become a new favorite of the current influx of people. There is a sense of full three-dimensional profile and delicate texture with leather, simple but not simple. Even more wonderful is that this bag has a hand, shoulder and hand three different ways, any jun match. Such as: Izabel Goulart supermodel, the South Korean actress Ji Jiayuan and domestic Hong Kong stars Kelly is the bag of loyalty to the powder.

By The Way tote bags models look simple, small and lightweight, the size of the bag has 2 size optional, including small tote bags is more popular. Handbag on both sides of the hand decorated with small nails decorated with the details of the rock at the feeling especially fascinating. Backpack bags and some can be back and diverse, oblique back and hand, especially the hand, a moment type, you can take it to attend a variety of occasions. As well as show the crocodile tail, it is fascinated by countless girls. Deserved to become the most popular bag style.

Replica Fendi Handbags

Fendi Dotcom handbag, Fendi’s third new tote bags is nowadays the hottest effortlessly become a public actress heart good. In the Fendi show this bag is already the future bag fashion vane, indicates that the show is not over before the bag has been looted. In the past from the style point of view of the smooth lines, high-quality, low-key luxury color are leading the trend of the bag that year, as hair ball pendants and super mini bags are crazy little details, with these bedding In this year, Fendi show floor, the latest single-handle design Dotcom tote bags and personalized Strap You thick strap into the design of this Dotcom the most important feature.

Characteristics of the two bags hit the bag can be used when the clutch bag, just a small packet of metal rivets from the small hole on the move, you can hold the bag out, easy and convenient. Thus, the usefulness of rivets great, you can buckle inside the bag can be decorated, while the distribution of this noble atmosphere of the tote bags outlines the style of fashion rock. From the tote bags bag profile looks point of view of the structure of the line is stiff, leather touch is extremely soft, the size of the bag size is moderate, enough to place a variety of small objects, great internal capacity, there are two zippers Partition, have to say, this pack and consequently can pretend to be under. From the overall point of view, compared to the previous Peekaboo, Dotcom with a childish in the design of a number of younger.

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